Meet Up! Coffee and Tea Break

Topical networking during your Coffee and Tea break! There are 6 Meet Ups: Podcasters – Tim Watkin, Talking technology – James Cridland, Increasing revenue – Mark Barber, Radio content innovation – Steve Ahern, Fighting fake news – Kristian Porter, Women in radio – Archana Kapoor: Location of the Meet Ups can be found here - https://www.radiodaysasia.com/topical-meet-ups  

Grab your tea or coffee and head to one of the five meet-up areas. Each meet-up will have a topic (like business, podcasting) and a moderator. Join the meet-up you are most interested in and discuss or ask your questions to the speakers and others passionate about your choice of topic! See the Radiodays Asia website for information on the topics and where to find the Meet Ups. MEET UP TOPICS AND HOSTS: 1. Talking technology – Host: James Cridland. Where: Back of the room Track 1.
2. Increasing revenue – Host: Mark Barber. Where: Back of the room Track 2.
3. Women in radio – Host: Archana Kapoor. Where: Delima Room.
4. Radio content innovation – Host: Steve Ahern. Where: High tables in Coffee Area
5. Fighting fake news – Host: Kristian Porter. Where: High tables in Coffee Area
6. Podcasters – Host: Tim Watkin. Where: High tables in Coffee Area  

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