Radiodays Asia Virtual 24 - 26 March 2021

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Building the Future of Radio’s Business Model - Session at RDA Virtual

Join a session for you at Radiodays Asia Virtual. What happens when 3 high level experts in Radio come together to discuss the future, buisness, strategy and more? Watch and find out...

Building the Future of Radio’s Business Model with
Brian Gallagher (CSO, SCA), Peter Whitehead (CCO, ARN), Peter Charlton (CEO, NOVA, Australia)

The vast majority of radio’s revenue is made from traditional long existing sources – 30 second advertising, show sponsorship and on-air client integrations.
There is now a growing area of new potential new revenue sources:  most notably podcasting, but also including streaming, events, video and social media.
What is the best approach to leverage radio’s main business to create and grow new revenue sources?  How do you build the business model, so you are fishing from new pools of revenue and not eroding into your existing sources of revenue?

Join three of the top names in Australian broadcasting to hear more about the business models they see as the future of radio - Register here! 



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Tue, 2021-02-23 21:22

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