Radiodays Asia September 2022...

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Norman Chella, Pod Librarian, Podchaser speaking at Radiodays Asia 2022!

The host of six podcasts one of which is the popular Podlovers Asia will speak at this year's Radiodays Asia 2022

Norman Chella is the Podcast Librarian at Podchaser, the world's most comprehensive podcast database. In charge of organising, documenting, and crediting every existing podcast on Earth, Norm is on a mission to help build the podcast ecosystem. He is the host of 6 podcasts, in particular Podlovers Asia, covering the developments of Asia's podcasting space, and Tempered Fables, a short story narrative podcast. When he's not speaking, he's writing fiction, dancing, and producing shows with Malaysia's premium podcast network, Renegade Radio.

Join Norman and many more great speakers in two weeks in KL, Malaysia! 

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Sat 27th August 2022

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