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Talk Covid from around Asia

Thu 25th March 2021

Hear from Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Nepal from different broadcasters the challenges and solutions from broadcasters in response to Covid

The secret is talk to one person

Thu 25th March 2021

Valerie Geller talks about the Power of Radio and what all broadcasters must remember

Talk radio, you'll love it!

Thu 25th March 2021

Opinions that matter, news, engagement ‘talk back’ and people who are passionate plus good story tellers

Radio has immense power, the power to create milestone

Wed 24th March 2021

Radio is a very, very powerful medium it’s a companion

In China the audio experience has to be immersive

Wed 24th March 2021

Tuning into China

Radio has to look attractive to creatives

Wed 24th March 2021

Be Everywhere, Connect with the Target, Invest in Research, Be Entertaining, Be a Companion, Be part of the Community!

"The start of every day is the start of a new conversation” Christian O'Connell Live

Wed 24th March 2021

“you’re making the show in front of their ears”

India has the fastest growing podcast listenership in the world

Wed 24th March 2021

Right now is such an exciting time for podcasting in India…we are at a crest of a wave…there are so many unheard stories and voices and podcasts are ideal

Radio needs to keep creating touch points you have to transcend radio

Wed 24th March 2021

Singapore: Launching New Channels with Loretta Lopez, PD, Money FM, Singapore, Jing Yun, Senior PD, Hao FM, Singapore  

The Google Nest speaker was only accurate for radio 40% - a threat to radio

Wed 24th March 2021

The rise and rise of smart speakers, the future radio in the car, the tech landscape and the future potential business models for radio.

Asian-Pacific Radio Summit

Wed 24th March 2021

“The media has had to learn how to be incredibly flexible”

Abraham Thomas CEO, Big FM/Reliance Network, India "Stop defending Radio"

Wed 24th March 2021

“We need to stop defending radio, in fact we need to spend more energy pursuing growth"

Audio Consumer Trends 2021 - 80m Americans listen to podcasts weekly

Wed 24th March 2021

“Today at least 80m Americans listen to podcasts weekly nearing the 100m mark”

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Wed 24th March 2021

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Mon 22nd March 2021

Watch the live stream, join a video networking table, leave questions for the speakers and watch on Catch Up!

Joining the speakers: Aaron Pinto, Astro Radio, Natarsha Belling, PodcastOne, SCA, Jana Rangooni, RBA, Marianna Spring, BBC, June Pang, GFK

Thu 11th March 2021

More high level speakers join the line up at Radiodays Asia Virtual...

Welcome to Gold Sponsor Fabrik

Wed 10th March 2021

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Radiodays Asia - 300 registered participants, 40+ speakers, 20+ exhibitors...

Wed 10th March 2021

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