Presentations from Day 2 Radiodays Asia

Presentations from Day 2 at Radiodays Asia 2019, if any presentations are missing they were not available for online publication. This page will be updated after the sessions: 



Building communities around your brand with social media - Sana Rangwala (Creative Head, Radio Mirchi Love, India)

Growing 8 times overnight: The journey of Radio Masti - Renuka Arora Bhagat (Founder and Director of Radio Masti 24x7, Singapore) - 4.7MB

Integrated campaigns: Learning the lessons from the world’s biggest - Raoul Wedel (CEO, Wedel Software, the Netherlands), Timothy Paulissen (Key Account Manager, Wedel Software)

3 Presentations: Visioning an audio player for the future - Cath Dwyer (Acting Head, Distribution, Entertainment and Specialist, ABC Australia) Visioning an audio player for the future - Michael Hill (Managing Director, Radioplayer Worldwide, UK) Visioning an audio player for the future - Richard Phelps (Senior Digital Producer, All in Media, Australia)

Talk to your speaker – voice controlled audio - Jaime Chaux (Head of Digital, Commercial Radio Australia) - 7MB

Worldwide podcasting health check - James Cridland (Editor,, Australia), Cath Dwyer (Acting Head, Distribution, ABC Australia), Robert Loewenthal (CEO, Whooshkaa, Australia), Zack Reneau Wedeen (Google, USA)  

From Bollywood to Podcasting: My Indian Life and WorklifeIndia - Medhavi Arora (Producer, BBC World Service, India), Amelia Butterly (Senior producer, BBC World Service, UK) - 19MB

China: Podcast tells the human stories - Kou AiZhe (Podcaster and Founder, Story FM, China)

Innovations in digital audio advertising - Patrick Roger (VP of New Markets, AdsWizz, France)



India: Beyond fake news - Rupa Jha, (Head of Indian Language Services, BBC, India)

4 Presentations: Innovation for public engagement and trust - Haida Baba Zain (Manager, Traxx FM, RTM, Malaysia), Innovation for public engagement and trust - Archana Kapoor (Radio Mewat and Radio Festival India, India), Innovation for public engagement and trustMark Cummins (Content Manager, SBS Audio and Languages, Australia), Innovation for public engagement and trustKristian Porter (Public Media Alliance, UK)

Stars on stage: Behind the scenes of breakfast show successes - Ean Nasrun (Radio Host, Hitz Morning Crew, Malaysia), Maddy Barber (Radio Host, KISS 92, Singapore), Kemal Bunder (Radio Host, GEN FM, Indonesia) - Panel Session no presentation

25 ideas in 30 minutes - Tim Watkin (Radio New Zealand), Rupa Jha (BBC, India), Jaime Chaux (Commercial Radio Australia), Sana Rangwala (Radio Mirchi, India), Jon Kirby (Channel 4, United Arab Emirates) - Coming soon



How radio businesses can monetise the digital audio boom - Staffan Rosell (CEO, Bauer Media Group, Sweden) - 24MB

Engaging small business partners - Ali Abhary (Executive Chairman, Karnaval Media Group, Turkey) - 250MB

Creative storytelling for podcasts - Tim Watkin (Executive Producer, Podcasts, Radio New Zealand)

Successful pitching: How to be winner in the contest of ideas - Tony Rasmussen (Senior Lecturer, AFTRS, Australia)

Radio measurement and cross media planning - Alberto Dal Sasso (Head of Radio Audience Measurement, Nielsen. Italy), Chong Moon Yee (Executive Director, Client Service, Nielsen Singapore) - 1.3 MB

Seeing Sounds - How to create world-class audio brands - Andreas Sanneman (CEO, Benztown, the Netherlands) - Coming soon

“Data” is the phrase that pays for 2019 - Keegan Bakker (CEO, Audata, Australia) - 37MB



Beyond AM and FM - the new normal - Joan Warner (CEO, Commercial Radio Australia), James Cridland (Radiofuturologist, Australia) - 2 MB

The future of audio advertising - Stas Tushinskiy (CEO, Instreamatic, USA), Benjamin Masse (Managing Director, Market Development and Strategy, Triton Digital, USA), Alexandre Saboundjian (CEO, Targetspot, Belgium - Panel Session no presentation