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Tuesday 6 September

Track 1 


Opening session Radiodays Asia 2022:

Opening keynotes and welcoming addresses from radio executives from India, Malaysia and Australia.


Welcome addresses:

Dr Javad Mottaghi (Secretary-General of the ABU, Malaysia)

Anders Held (Project Director and Founder of Radiodays Asia and Radiodays Europe, Sweden)

Hosts: Arnold Loh (Hitz Breakfast Crew, Malaysia) and Prem Shanker (Mix Breakfast Crew, Malaysia)


Keynote: Sound of the Future

Kenny Ong (CEO, Astro Radio, Malaysia)

What is the Future of Sound? Preparing for the future, we will need to consider the role audio and sound plays in immersive experiences and spaces, and how audio and sound will evolve to play in the complex world of the media universe. As we move from Radio 1.o to Audio 4.0, we need to think more strategically about audio and sound, and how they can offer consistent, recognizable sonic experiences that surprise and delight audiences, no matter when, where, or how they’re heard. Now more than ever, we need to approach sound from a design perspective, giving as much attention to the development of sonic identities. Most importantly, we need to consider how current trends, fads and technology will or will not affect us.


The Power of Radio

Duncan Campbell (Chief Content Officer, ARN, Australia)

With a focus on new technologies that some claim are ‘radio killers’ it’s important to remind ourselves that radio is still incredibly strong and will evolve and adapt as it has since it was born. The fundamental reason Radio remains so strong is the magic of the medium which highlights the Power of Radio which we all need to continue to harness in order for Radio to remain relevant today and into the future.


Transformation of Radio

Abe Thomas (CEO, BigFM, India)

Is Radio Dead? Abe Thomas is sure Radio is NOT dead but TRANSFORMING. And the reason why he knows this is the growth and content in digital audio is being driven by ‘radio-like experiences’. Also, he strongly believes along with the ‘Technology’ one also needs the ‘Technique’ to create memorable radio-like experiences.

Radio is up against incredible competition from digital audio players and we need to be realistic, pragmatic and deliberate in our response. Given this daunting reality, how can radio compete and remain relevant?


Love is in the air

Ralph van Dijk (Founder and Creative Director, Eardrum, Australia)

Love is the emotion that trumps all others, and the most successful brands are loved and shared at warp speed. The intimacy of a familiar voice, emotive music and mental pictures gives audio an unfair advantage to engender this powerful emotion, yet so much audio advertising is guilty of selling by yelling.

Consumers want to be engaged, entertained, and inspired, and in this session, the founder of the world’s most awarded audio agency will demonstrate the ways your creative can take listeners and clients into the right-brain heart space, where the true action lives. The fastest way to a consumer’s heart is through their ears, and Ralph van Dijk has the examples to prove it.


The Success of BBC Global News Podcast

Karen Martin (Editor, Global News Podcast, BBC, UK), Jackie Leondard (Presenter, Global News Podcast, BBC, UK)

The BBC Global News Podcast is one of the biggest podcasts worldwide with a million downloads per day. In this session, the editors will take you through the unlikely success story of the Global News Podcast: first launched rather apologetically from a dark corner of the BBC newsroom in London 15 years ago back to its current unrivalled success as a twice a day world news round-up in a now crowded market. Why is it a success? The team behind the BBC Global News Podcast will share their thoughts.


Radio under attack

Danish Karokhel (Founding Director, Pajhwok Network, Afghanistan)

Since the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, independent media has been under attack. Danish Karokhel, who founded the independent news service Pajhwok, has seen first hand how colleagues in radio have been forced to close their radio stations. Danish managed to get some of his staff out and has changed to a hybrid model where some of Pajhwok´s operations are now outside of Afghanistan. Hear about the media situation in Afghanistan and the dramatic changes that have occurred in that country since the Taliban took over.

Track 1


Social Media - #winning for podcasting and audio

Arielle Nissenblatt (Community Manager, SquadCast, USA)

Almost everyone uses social media. So, how can you best use social media to help more people find your audio: and get closer to your audience? With best-practices from the US for podcasts, this session will help anyone who needs more people listening to their stuff, whatever social media platform you use.


Digital Transformation – The journey from Radio to a Digital Audio Powerhouse

John Kelly (COO, Southern Cross Austereo, Australia)

John Kelly, Chief Operating Officer of Southern Cross Austereo, will discuss how changing consumer consumption has driven a digital audio revolution for his business.  The journey began with a change in strategy, behaviours, workforce and digital investment – in the desire to embrace and unlock a sustainable and exciting digital audio future.


Radio In The Cloud

Mike Powell (SVP International Operations & Chief Compliance Officer, RCS, USA)

Disaster recovery and your evolving Cloud strategy. What happens when things go wrong — and how the cloud can help.


The Future of Public Media

Richard Sutherland (Head of News, Radio New Zealand), Sopit Wangvivatana (Thai PBS, Thailand), David Hua (Director of Audio and Language Content, SBS, Australia), Harry Lock (Public Media Alliance, UK)

As the BBC celebrates its 100th anniversary, so too does the idea of public service media. But as media organisations face ever more competition from big tech, growing threats to media freedom, and begin to reel from the impact of the pandemic, what does the future hold for public media? How are they innovating to tackle these issues? And will they be with us in another 100 years?


MEET UP! – Topical networking

Meet others interested in a specific topic for a networking discussion! Grab your tea or coffee and head to one of the five meet-up areas. Each meet-up will have a topic and a moderator. Join the meet-up you are most interested in and discuss or ask your questions to the speakers and others interested in the same topic.


Reinventing Radio

Ben Cooper (Group Director, Content and Music, Bauer Radio, UK), Francis Currie (International Audio Consultant, UK)

Learn how you can successfully transform from a traditional radio company to a digital audio business.

Find out more about how Bauer – Europe’s largest commercial radio group - are changing the face of radio in Europe with brand extensions, social & video content, podcasts, portfolio development, innovations and much more.


Maximizing the Power of Audio

to Connect with Listeners & Grow Your Audience

Stephanie Donovan (Triton Digital, USA)


The tussle for talent

Duncan Campbell (ARN, Australia), Amanda Lee (SCA, Australia), Abe Thomas (BigFM, India), Steve Ahern (ABU Media Academy, Australia)

Talent recruitment has become harder due to increased competition from competitors poaching staff and social media providing a new avenue for people to build their personality profiles. There is now more competition for talent and wages. How are radio broadcasters coping and what strategies are they using to find and hold new talent? Steve Ahern will lead a panel discussion with radio leaders to discover the extent of the problem and what they are doing about it.

Track 2


Cool new tech for radio that you should be using

James Cridland (Radio Futurologist, Australia)

New tech is everywhere; and there are plenty of new tools that can help radio succeed. Software that makes audio editing as easy as a word processor, the radio presenter who does so much on-air he's trained a robot to do some of it for him, the syndicated show that sounds like it's tailor-made for your station, and how to make a show in a language you don't speak, the possibilities are endless. Join radio futurologist James Cridland to see what's possible for your station today.


How has Covid changed listener habits?

June Pang (Head of Malaysia Media Measurement, GfK, Malaysia)

How has the pandemic changed listening? How has listening to radio and other audio services during and after Covid? Are things back to normal or is there a long-term Covid effect? June Pang will give on overview of trends in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.


See radio differently – let radio take a bigger bite

Nessa McGann (Founder, McGann Media, Ireland)

Radio has often been used by advertisers as a tactical medium, getting promotional messages to air quickly and efficiently, but remains underused as a brand-building medium. New studies in the UK and Europe underline the strengths of radio as an advertising medium and will give your sales department multiple strong arguments for how radio give return on investment.


The Essential Guide to AI

Francis Currie (International Audio Consultant, UK) and other experts

Everybody is talking about AI, but what’s it all about, and how can it help the radio & audio industry? In this compelling session, we reveal how AI can be used in writing, editing, producing, presenting, scheduling, and promoting your radio station or audio business. With a lot of examples, links and contributions from people at the cutting edge of this emerging field, this session is packed with what you need to know about Artificial Intelligence.


MEET UP! – Topical networking

Meet others interested in a specific topic for a networking discussion! Grab your tea or coffee and head to one of the five meet-up areas. Each meet-up will have a topic and a moderator. Join the meet-up you are most interested in and discuss or ask your questions to the speakers and others interested in the same topic.


Masterclass: Learn what Creative Champions do

Wade Kingsley (Creative Coach, Australia)

The world's most creative people have strengths that other people don't. It's not that they are more creative than other people, it's that they work to develop these skills. Our work is to share what these skills are, and show people how to use them to develop their creative thinking capability. Wade Kingsley, Creative Coach, will inspire you and share techniques on how you and your team can be more creative.

End of conference day 1.Join us for the Live BBC Global News Podcast recording and at the evening networking event and cultural show.


Live: BBC Global News Podcast

You are invited to follow the BBC Global News Podcast recording an episode live in front of an audience. Presenter Jackie Leonard will be joined on stage by BBC correspondents from the South East Asia region, discussing how price rises are affecting people’s everyday lives. See how the podcast is made as it happens. The BBC Global News Podcast is one of the biggest podcasts worldwide with a million downloads per day. This is the first time they record in front of an audience.


Radiodays Asia Networking Drinks and Cultural Show

Join speakers and attendees for a relaxing networking event at the end of day 1. This is a chance to meet colleagues from around the world. Drinks and snacks are served and you will be able to enjoy a short spectacular show on stage by performers from The Temple of Fine Arts, Malaysia. This is something out of the ordinary that you would not want to miss.  This is not a dinner party, so make your own arrangements for dinner after the networking event. Dresscode: Casual. Supported by MyCEB, Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau.

End of Day 1. ------


Wednesday 7 September

Track 1


Engaging Young Audiences

Anna Dixon (Senior Service Designer, ABC Innovation Lab, Australia)

As radio's audiences are getting older, how do you successfully engage with the younger, future audiences? Anna Dixon will share some of the work and experiments focused on younger audiences that has been explored by the ABC Innovation Lab.


Publisher going into Audio: The Audio Journey

Christoph Falke (General Manager, Axel Springer Audio, Germany)

Axel Springer is Europe’s leading digital publisher and has a bold audio mission: Become #1 publisher in audio journalism in the German speaking countries by 2025. Christoph is heading the centralised audio unit of Axel Springer that was established one year ago. This “Team Audio” is managing the radio-portfolio as well as the podcast business of the new media brands of Axel Springer like BILD or WELT. Christoph will give some insights on the role of audio and the impact on their strategy including a lot of hands-on examples how to accelerate the audio business by new ideas and products.


Content Leadership and Talent - The Perfect Marriage

Amanda Lee (Content Director, Melbourne’s 101.9 The Fox, Southern Cross Austereo, Australia)

If anyone understands the power of relationships, it’s one of Australia’s leading Content Directors, Amanda Lee, who shares why the bond between Content Director and Talent is just like a marriage.

Creativity, lived experiences and collaboration bring ideas to the microphone, where trust enables stories to be told, providing honest and genuine feedback leads to growth and creating memories together unifies a team that becomes the ultimate radio pairing.


MEET UP! – Topical networking

Meet others interested in a specific topic for a networking discussion! Grab your tea or coffee and head to one of the five meet-up areas. Each meet-up will have a topic and a moderator. Join the meet-up you are most interested in and discuss or ask your questions to the speakers and others interested in the same topic.


Masterclass: Content leadership - Building content making skills in your team

Natalie Pozdeev (Australian Film Television and Radio School)

How can you work with your team to build content making skills. Natalie Pozdeev from AFTRS will take you through practical strategies to build content making skills in your team, including using structured training to support the talent pipeline.


Emergency Broadcasting: Radio as the ultimate lifeline

Seiichi Kuriki (Producer, NHK Tokyo, Japan), Patrick Hession (Emergency Broadcast Lead, ABC, Australia)

Fires, floods and tsunamis – in any natural disaster or civil emergency radio is the most reliable medium to help people in danger or distress and save lives. In this session we will hear from Australia and Japan how the ABC and NHK have innovated their readiness and organisation to function at the very best when urgent and reliable information is needed the most. 


Driving Audiences from Digital to FM

Alex Poon (General Manager, Tech and Shared Services, Media Prima, Malaysia)

Combining radio with digital platforms improves two-way communication with the audience, and it has seen to give incredible results to the business. Alex Poon will talk about how Media Prima Audio uses AUDIO+ as the primary tool to take this opportunity to drive audiences back to linear FM.



Richard Phelps (Xperi, Australia)


Radio’s Fight for the Future Car

Jaime Chaux (Head of Digital, Commercial Radio Australia, AU)

The car of the future challenges radio’s prominent role in the dashboard: new connected cars will come with internet connections in-built and large touchscreens that make accessing entertainment other than live radio the easiest it has ever been. Radio’s role in the car is under threat.

What does audio entertainment look like in the future connected car? What is being done right now to ensure radio is as best placed for the rise of the connected car?


Building LiSTNR for now and the future

Chris Johnson (Southern Cross Austereo, Australia)

Chris will take a behind the scenes look at the principles and challenges of developing the LiSTNR digital platform as a vehicle to drive digital audio consumption and revenue growth.  He will also share how customer experience, AI and technology partnerships will play a critical role in the future.


Creativity, Innovation and Competitive Advantage

Anna Dixon (ABC Australia), Chris Johnson (SCA, Australia), Udit Tyagi (Radio Mirchi, India), Francis Currie (Consultant, UK)

Find out what’s working for leading radio stations around the world at the cutting edge of creativity in programming, sales, marketing, and technology. Discover how they unlock potential, extend reach, strengthen brands, develop new revenue models, and create sustainable advantages, even in some of the most competitive markets in the world. Join our panel of experts on a crash course of what’s working around the world for radio’s leaders in innovation.


25 ideas in 25 minutes

Wade Kingsley (Creative Coach, Australia), Arielle Nissenblatt (Community Manager, Squadcast, USA), Mae Thomas (Podcaster, Maed in India), Jaime Chaux (Head of Digital, Commercial Radio Australia), Richard Sutherland (Head of News, Radio New Zealand)  

A packed session full of ideas. A collection of great speakers from across the conference will provide plenty of quick-fire and practical ideas, meaning you will go away from this session with lots of thoughts and inspiration to bring back to your radio station!

Finale: Wrap up and good bye for this time!

Track 2


Mythbusters – Programming Myths that are Costing you Ratings

Ken Benson (Partner, P1 Media Group, USA)

This session will bust 5 widely practiced programming techniques and tell you why they don’t deliver what you think, and we’ll share how to use these 5 techniques to improve your ratings.


Mirchi: From Radio to Digital Audio Entertainment

Udit Tyagi (Chief Digital Officer, Entertainment Network/Radio Mirchi, India)

Radio Mirchi, part of the Times Network, has been undergoing a massive digital transformation - from being a radio only company to being a digital first destination. Not just an audio OTT but an entertainment and lifestyle destination in the digital ecosystem. As a part of the same endeavour Mirchi has launched its own digital platforms and is launching an Audio Ad network.


Sport on the Radio - What Type of Content Will Engage Fans?

Adam Carruthers (TV/Radio Host, ASTRO Supersports, Malaysia), Guy Dobson (Director, Asia Radio Concepts, Australia)

Sport on the radio has become a mainstay of listening in Europe, North America, and Australia, but it hasn't taken off in Asia - yet. What type of sports content builds audience figures, and can contribute significantly to radio's revenues?


MEET UP! – Topical networking

Meet others interested in a specific topic for a networking discussion! Grab your tea or coffee and head to one of the five meet-up areas. Each meet-up will have a topic and a moderator. Join the meet-up you are most interested in and discuss or ask your questions to the speakers and others interested in the same topic.

11.00 - 12.20

Masterclass: How to make a successful podcast

Lyndal Harris (Founder of Podcast VA, Australia)

The ABC for creating a successful podcast. How to structure your work, how to find your audience and grow reach and how to make money from your podcast.


Podcasting across Asia: the market and the money

Ron Beationg (Founder, Podcast Network, Philippines), Zhou Heyang (Host, Round Table China, CGTN Radio, China), Timi Siytancgo (Key Account Director, Acast, Singapore), Ishani Dasgupta (Ideabrew Studios, India)

Where is podcasting in Asia? What are the trends and what is different in each country? What is successful and why? What stands out? Where is it going?


What's next for podcasting

Megan Davies (International Managing Director, Acast, UK), Atitya Kuber (Ideabrew Studios, India), Arielle Nissenblatt (Community Manager, Squadcast, USA), Richard Palmer (Director, Marketing Development, Triton Digital, Australia), James Cridland (Podnews, Australia)

Podcasting is one of the fastest growing new mediums in the world: but will it continue growing? What are the trends in terms of content: is audio fiction going to finally break through? What works for podcasters in terms of earning money? Are there trends towards shorter content? This panel brings together people from all parts of podcasting to look into the future of the medium, and how you can benefit from it.


The Indian Podcasts That Aren't Being Made

Mae Mariyam Thomas (Journalist, Podcaster, Maed in India, India)

Podcasting is growing rapidly in India. Mae will give on overview of current trends, but also highlight the possibilities for underrepresented voices to use podcasting. Who are the Indian voices in podcasting? How can independent creators, non-profit entrants and podcast networks work for more voices to be heard? Mae will also share experiences in engaging more women in podcasting.


Audio Fiction by Independent Creators

Matthew Durai (General Manager, ZAG Media, Malaysia)

What's the current landscape for audio fiction podcasts? How do you create successful audio fiction who is the audience and how to you reach them? Matt will also share experiences from some of the ZAG recent projects in Malaysia and Singapore.


How to define and refine your podcast to make it a success - your questions answered

Adam Uytman (Creator Network Business Development Director, Acast, UK), Norman Chella (Podchaser, Malaysia), Lyndal Harris (Founder of Podcast VA, Australia), James Cridland (Editor, Podnews, Australia)

Much of the future success of your podcast will depend on the actions you take regarding: content, strategy, editing, sound quality, marketing and more. This panel brings together podcasters from well-known broadcast companies to popular independents for case studies then a discussion on how to create a successful podcast and thrive in audio.

End of day 2.


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Tue 5th July 2022

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