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Radiodays Asia Programme 2019

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Radiodays Asia 2019

“Meet the Future of Radio and Audio”

Kuala Lumpur 27-28 August 2019
Preliminary Programme

Tuesday 27 August - Day 1 – morning, plenary

Radiodays Asia 2019 – opening session: Meet the Future of Radio and Audio

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur and the inaugural Radiodays Asia! What are the big themes for radio and audio right now? How is the media industry changing?  What are the new challenges and the latest innovations in radio and audio in 2019? 

A fast paced first session, with a number of strategic keynotes, interviews and surprises!

Keynotes from broadcaster Execs in Asia (India, Korea, Malaysia) & Australia and high profile international experts to set the agenda.

Keynote address and interview with the Minister of Communication and Multimedia, SE Asia country

Technology and disruption: How the world will be listening in 10 years

Artificial Intelligence, big data, self-driving cars, 5G, programmatic advertising…the future of radio and audio can be troubling. It’s evolving fast, and it’s not waiting for anyone! A thought provoking session about the digital disrpuption and its ipact on audiences and broadcasters.

Innovation for building public engagement and trust

Trust is one of the most important assests of a media. In Europe, radio is the most trusted media, more than print, televion and online. How to you gain the public´s trust and how do you build true engagement with your audience? We will hear from cases from Asia-Pacific and discuss how to engage with your audience.

Sound is your brand

What does your brand sound like? If you cannot answer that question then this session is a must for you. The development of voice technology and smart speakers has focused the attention on the sound of brands rather than the visual. The necessity to develop strong sonic branding is becoming increasingly important but what is sonic branding, how does it work and how can it help brands to better sell themselves to radio audiences. This session explores sonic branding and the audio of brands from both a practical and an analytical viewpoint.

Tuesday 27 August - Day 1 – afternoon, Track 1

Visioning an audioplayer for the future

Radioplayer, ABC Lister and BBC Sounds

In this session we will hear about three strategic innovations in moving the audio content to consumers´mobile phones, smart speakers and connected cars.  Radoplayer is a collaborative effort by the joint raido industry in thr UK, and later in other European cputries, ABC Australia has its own Listen app and BBC has its BBC Sounds.

How artificial intelligence (AI) will influence the world of radio and how close this future is today

It is obvious that data is the new gold. How will this change our industry? We will take a look at several aspects of what digital disruption will mean and how it can be mastered.

Talk to your speaker – voice controlled audio

Smart speakers are now spreading into new markets and in more languages, having more skills and with a multitude of devices and brands. It puts audio at the center stage and voice control is replacing screens. Everything you need to know about voice and the latest developments from all the players, industry and broadcasters. Strategy, key learnings and feedbacks to help you design your future in a voice controlled world.

Beyond FM - the new normal

As multi-platform becomes the day to day reality for many markets, we look at whether the new delivery methods are delivering for radio today, and in the future. We’ll see how 5G networks are shaping up and how listeners in markets who are phasing out FM for DAB are changing their behaviour. The take up of different platforms is changing how our listeners are consuming our radio stations, we'll find out the ways the stations can use those changes to help grow their audience.

Google: The future of audio

Immersive storytelling is an age-old craft: our brains evolved to tell each other stories. Technology has the power to help our stories reach new audiences. The FM signal evolved into internet streaming, and now, thanks to machine learning, we have voice platforms that understand what we say. In this session, Google present three technological breakthroughs that will take our storytellling to the next level, leading to a golden age of audio.

Radio in the car of the future

Today, the car is one of the most prominent places to listen to the radio. Many say, the power of radio is rooted in the importance of in-car listening. But once your car is truly connected, we know there won’t be a “radio” button any more. Is radio threatened by its former best friend, the car? With an all-digital future ahead: Do car manufacturers actually care about radio stations? How can radio stations get constructively ready for the in-car of the future?

Tuesday 27 August - Day 1 – afternoon, Track 2

With your favourite song a click away - how important is music to radio?

How far has streaming music consumption changed the landscape in different markets? What´s the view and strategies adapted by radio stations and are there patterns in the changes of what´s been put on air, music/talk ratio, music formats, music curating, more content/context? A new customized study for Radiodays Asia looks into the trends in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and Australia.

Hit Music: K-pop and Asia Top 40

The Korean K-pop is a huge international success and is still growing across the world. We will hear from a Korean K-pop radio host the story behind the success and current trends. And, as another case, hear about the Asia Top 40 success, a syducated radio show across many countries in Asia.

5 cases – the diversity of radio

5 succesful and innovative radio formats/programmes from 5 different countries tell the stories behind their success. India, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Australia.

Building communities around your brand with social media

Using social media to expand your brand´s reach and to connect with your audiences is a must for many radio stations. We will hear from Mirchi Love, India, using celebreties on social media and Astro, Malaysia, using videos for the radio brands.

BBC Radio 1 – Re-inventing a morning show for a youth audience

All broadcasters are struggling to reach a younger audience, so also one of the biggest radio youth brands in the world. BBC Radio 1 recently changed host and set-up for the morning show on BBC´s youth channel BBC Radio 1. With a new structure, a new approach, new events, new feeling – and a rocking start in numbers. What has been the lessons so far?

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Wednesday 28 August 

Day 2 – morning, Track 1

How to fight false news – a threat to the open conversation

With social media comes also the threat of false news spreading quickly. How do you, as a broadcaster, combat fake news in the most weffective way and not ride along on a wave of un-checked “breaking news” stories?

We will hear from boradcasters in some countries that recently have experienced elections and crises and how they handled it.

Reload your brand: Virgin Radio case

Chris Evans is the most famous Breakfast Show host in the UK and his unexpected announcement that he was leaving the UK’s biggest Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 to re-join Virgin Radio, sent shockwaves through the UK radio industry.

The Content Director for Wireless will take us through the process behind poaching a competitor´s 'radio star', the planning behind launching a new high-profile show as part of a bigger strategy to refresh the station.

Worldwide podcasting health check

The latest research and global overview on podcasting. If you want to know who is listening to podcasts, what they are consuming, how they are listening and how it’s being paid for.

From Bollywood to Podcasting - Kalki Podcast: My Indian Life

The Bollywood actress Kalki Koechin is the host on one of India´s first podcast successes, produced by BBC World Service in India. With millions of followers, Kalki´s “My Indian Life” examines ordinary people´s lives and discuss many controversial topics. The producers as qell as Kali herself, tells the story behind the successful Podcast. 

China: Podcast tells the human stories

Story FM in Beijing has 550 000 followers and has produced more than 200 podcast stories. Focusing on ordinalry people´s lives and their  views, including difficulties and marginalized people, the podcast tells stories that might not be told by traditional media.

How to susccessfully pitch your idea

Great content, new formats and innovations all begins with ideas. Wheter it´s about brngingn cotent ideas to a radio show, trying out new programme ofrmats or develop new digital presence, you need to know how you will get others to listen to your idea and and understand it. And to create an innovative culture in your team, you need to know how to develop ideas into a constructive proposals. In this session you will learn how to develop your idea, sell it succesafully and help innovate your station.

Get the best out of your radio star

On-air presenters are often the stars of your radio station and brands in themselves. But behind every seccussful radio host is a professional team that creates great content and manage the show- and the star.

Learn all about how to mange your team and your on-air personalities from Gemma Fordham, Head of Hit Network, Australia.

Wednesday 28 August - Day 2 – morning Track 2

Show me the money

This session is about how radio is perceived by advertisers and agencies, radio´s real strengths and effectiveness and focusing on radio´s potential to take back its fair share of ad budget. Radio remains a powerful advertising tool and agencies leaving radio last in their plans are missing out on key audiences for their advertisers.

A new research study is presented, which explores the value of media for brand advertising. The research quantifies the differences between perception and reality; this wide-ranging project blows the lid off current wisdom in media planning.

New revenue – exploring untapped markets

Commercial radio has always worked on the basis that we eat what we kill. Increased competition and the growth in advertising opportunities have meant that radio has to be much more innovative when seeking revenues.

Expand your brand

When is a radio station not just a radio station? This session explores the success radio stations have had when they’ve pushed the boundaries of what a traditional radio station is.

Engaging small business partners

Karnaval Media Group, Turkey, has historically relied almost entirely on major national advertisers for its ad revenues.  However, in 2018 Karnaval launched “Karnaval Business Partners”, in an effort to court SMEs (small and medium sized businesses) to radio as a vehicle for growing their businesses.  They aimed to make radio advertising accessible and understandable by small business owners —  simplified packages, provided copywriting and production services and even celebrity voices.

The future of audio advertising

The traditional ad breaks is challenged. What´s next for audio advertising on digital platforms? Voice activated ads, in stream ads, personalized ads? What new technolpgies are available and what works?

Competing in an on-demand world

How do you transform your business as broadcasters to the on-demand space and how do you implement a podcasting strategy that leverages your strenghts in order to extend your reach and engangment?

Wednesday 28 August - Day 2 – afternoon, plenary

Stars on stage: Behind the scenes of morning show successes

Morning shows on broadcast radio is still prime time and defines the listeing for the whole day. In this session three successful Asian morning shows will reveal their receiptsfor success and we will meet their morning host stars: from Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Radio around the world summit

A panel of radio executives and producers form axcross Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and America discuss the trends in digital, audio and radio and its future.

25 ideas in 30 minutes

A packed session full of ideas. A collection of great speakers from across the conference will provide plenty of quick-fire and practical ideas, meaning you’ll go away from this session  brimming with thoughts and inspiration to bring back to your radio station!


Wrap up, final comments and good bye.