Mike Kasem
VJ, Radio Host, Actor
Gold 905FM, Mediacorp

Mike Kasem - Singapore-based television presenter, actor and radio DJ.

He is popularly known as an Actor, emcee, radio DJ, VO talent.

Mike Kasem started his Singapore radio career in 2011 when he joined Mediacorp Radio's Class 95FM co-hosting with Jean Danker. He later moved to Mediacorp Radio's Gold 905FM co-hosting the morning drive time show 'The Mike & Joe Xperiment' with Joe Augustin. In 2016 Mike paired up with Vernetta Lopez to co-host the morning drive time show 'Live with Mike & Vernetta' on Gold 905FM.

Kasem perhaps is best known asVJ on MTV Asia (1994 to 1999) hosting MTV's 'Most Wanted' among other shows. He briefly had a stint in the U.S. as host of America’s Funniest Home Videos in 2002.

He has hosted, presented and acted in numerous TV show's for Mediacorp Channel 5 as well as local and Hollywood movie’s such as “Crazy Rich Asians” - His scenes would unfortunately be cut before cinema edit :) He is currently a full-time employee of Mediacorp in Singapore.

Kasem along with former radio show co-cost Jean Danker hosted the Singapore 2016 New Year's Eve Countdown Show.

Mike is a very sporty and an adventurous man who loves to spend time outdoors.


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